Quantitative Reasoning

The information below relates to the 2016 UKCAT and the 2017 UKCAT (Humanitas University).


The Quantitative Reasoning subtest assesses your ability to use numerical skills to solve problems. It assumes familiarity with numbers to the standard of a good pass at GCSE. However items are less to do with numerical facility and more to do with problem solving.


Time Items
25 minutes (1 minute for instruction and 24 minutes for items) 36 items associated with tables, charts, and/or graphs


Why Quantitative Reasoning?

Doctors and dentists are constantly required to review data and apply it to their own practice. On a practical level drug calculations based on patient weight, age and other factors have to be correct. At a more advanced level, clinical research requires an ability to interpret, critique and apply results presented in the form of complex statistics. Universities considering applicants need to know they have the aptitude to cope in these situations.


Quantitative Reasoning Items

You are required to solve problems by extracting relevant information from tables and other numerical presentations. For each item, you may be presented with four items that relate to that table, chart or graph. For each item, there are five answer options to choose from. Your task is to choose the best option.



A simple on-screen calculator is available for use in this section. The calculator is integrated into the practice tests and we strongly recommend that candidates familiarise themselves with using it.  

  • In the live test the calculator closes when you click away or move to another question.  You can recall it by clicking on the icon.  Your current calculations should be retained.  To clear the calculator click the ON/C button.  You can use the mouse or the number pad on your keyboard to operate the calculator.  Make sure the ‘Num Lock’ is on for the number pad to work. 
  • Please note that due to limitations with the web browser format the practice test calculator does not retain calculations when you click away or move to another question.
  • If you require assistance with the calculator during the test please raise your hand.

The calculator will look similar to this: