1. About the Test
2. Registration
3. Booking
5. Bursaries
6. Test Day
7. UKCAT Scores and Results
8. UCAS Choices


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1. About the Test


What is the test like?

The UKCAT is made up of 5 separately timed subtests in a multiple-choice format which assess a range of mental abilities identified by university medical and dental schools as important.   It is delivered on computer at Pearson VUE test centres in the UK and worldwide.


2. Registration


When can I register to take the UKCAT?

Registration opens on 3 May and closes at 5pm on 21 September 2016.


How do I register for the UKCAT?

All candidates must complete the registration process using the Pearson VUE online registration system.   You need to register for the test personally – this cannot be done by your school/college.


I have forgotten my username and/or password

If you have forgotten your username or password there are options to retrieve these from the sign in page.  If you continue to have problems signing in then you need to contact Pearson VUE Customer Services.


My registration email has not arrived

This email should arrive quickly and at the very latest within one working day. Please ensure you check your junk/spam folders as it may have been diverted there.  If it has not arrived please contact Pearson VUE Customer Services.


Why do you collect information about my parent(s)/carer(s) when I register?

UKCAT seeks to minimise bias in the test due to factors such as age, sex, ethnicity, or socio-economic background. In order to do this, we ask you for information about your nationality, ethnicity, parents' occupation and experience of healthcare settings. For clarity, this data is not passed to any University. By parent(s)/carer(s), we mean the people who have fulfilled the role of parents in the household in which you grew up, who may or may not be your biological parents.  More information about how we use your data can be found here.

Please print and answer the questionnaire below with the assistance of your parent(s)/carer(s). You can then use the questionnaire to help answer the questions during registration.

UKCAT Consortium Questionnaire


3. Booking


When can I sit the UKCAT?

The testing period is from 1 July – 5 October 2016.  There are test slots available throughout the test period but towards the end of testing availability may be limited as these slots are booked up very quickly.


How do I book the UKCAT?

Once you have registered you will be able to sign in an book your test at test centre of your choice.  Please see the Registration and Booking page


How can I pay for my test?

The registration fee is payable online at the time of booking by major credit card (Visa, Mastercard or UK Visa debit card). The fee is always charged in GBP (pounds sterling).  If you or your parents do not have access to a Visa, MasterCard credit card or UK Visa debit card to pay for the UKCAT test fee, you can pay by purchasing a Prepaid Visa or MasterCard. You can also check with your local bank for prepaid credit card options.  If you are struggling to pay for your test using any of these options please contact Pearson VUE Customer Services to discuss.  Candidates may like to check whether they are eligible for a bursary to cover the full cost of the fees.


Why is the test fee higher for September/October tests?

There is no difference in content between the UKCAT sat during the Summer or Autumn period. The increased price reflects demand on resources at particular times of the year. We recommend candidates sit the test during the Summer period and pay the lower test fee.  Test fees depend on the test centre location, not on your place of residence or nationality.




What evidence is acceptable to take the UKCATSEN?

Details of the evidence required can be found here.


5. Bursaries


What is the deadline for bursary applications?

We start accepting applications from 3 May 2016.  All applications and supporting documents need to be with the UKCAT office by 5pm on 21 September 2016 at the latest. No bursary applications will be processed after this date.


I am not sure if I’m eligible for a bursary

Please check the eligibility criteria on the bursary page but if you are still unsure make an application and submit your evidence and we will advise you.


My bursary application has been rejected but I think I should be eligible.  What should I do?

This could be because you have not supplied the correct form of supporting documentation or enough evidence of your entitlement. You should refer to our bursary page where there is more information regarding required documentation including examples.  If you have any queries regarding this decision please contact us (with additional supporting documentation if necessary) at ukcat@nottingham.ac.uk


Can I apply for a bursary after I have tested? 

No, this is not permitted, as bursaries cannot be redeemed once you have sat your test.


6. Test Day


What ID do I need to bring to the test centre?

Please read our guidance on acceptable ID here.


What can I take into the test room?

You will be asked to store your personal belongings in a locker at the test centre. Personal belongings (including bags, coats, papers, books, pens, watches, wallets, keys, IDs, mobile phones, sweets, and drinks) are not allowed into the testing room. For clarity, nothing is allowed into the testing room apart from you and the indoor clothes you are wearing. This includes water or other drinks.


What is the test environment like?

You will be allocated a desk space at which you will find your PC and space for your note board.  There will be other people taking tests in the same room as you and there may be some limited disturbance as other test takers arrive and leave the room. The test centre will endeavour for such disturbance to be kept to a minimum. You can request ear plugs or headphones if you think this would be disturbing.  Visit our page on the test experience for more information.


7. UKCAT Scores and Results


How do you deliver my results?

Once you have submitted your UCAS application you need to tell us your 10-digit UCAS Personal Identification Number (PID) and both the University name and UCAS course code (e.g. A100) of all your choices that require the UKCAT.  We will use this information to help deliver your results to your chosen Universities.  

We will email you in mid-September asking you to provide this information.  Please ensure you have your log-in details to your Pearson Vue UKCAT account as you will need these to complete the process.  

It is your responsibility to provide us with this information by the deadline (21 October 2016).  If you fail to supply this information correctly it may delay the processing of your application to your chosen UKCAT Universities.


When do you deliver my results?

UKCAT scores are delivered to universities in the first week of November.  We do not specify the date as each university may access the data at different stages during their admissions process.

Due to the number of candidates sitting the test each year we cannot check / confirm that individual results have been sent.

We follow robust processes to match all candidates with their university choices.  If there are instances where candidate's details have changed, such as their university choices or their UCAS PID, we will then attempt to match these candidates manually.

Candidates will be contacted directly if there are any issues with matching their data.


How do I get a copy of my UKCAT Score Report?

If you need any additional copies of your UKCAT score report, these will be available for a fee of £25 GBP. You can order additional copies of your score report by contacting Pearson VUE Customer Services.


8. UCAS Choices


How do I let you know my UCAS choices?

After the 23 September 2016 when you log back into your Pearson VUE account you will see a new section relating to your UCAS application and chosen universities.

This section will ask you for your UCAS Personal Identification Number (PID) and your UCAS choices (your chosen universities and relevant courses).  You must complete all sections for each UKCAT university you have applied to.

You do not need to inform us of any non-UKCAT university options you have chosen or any other course options that do not relate to medicine or dentistry.


When do I need to let you know my UCAS choices?

We will contact you by email in mid-September 2016 requesting that you update this information using your online Pearson VUE account.  The final deadline for completing this is midnight UK time (11pm GMT) on 21 October 2016.


Why do you need to know my UCAS choices?

We need this information to be able to deliver your UKCAT result to your chosen universities.


What if I haven’t submitted my UCAS application yet?

If you have not yet completed your UCAS application, you may not know your UCAS PID and may be unsure of your University choices.  If this is the case please wait until you have submitted your UCAS application before logging back into your Pearson VUE account and completing this section.


I have logged into the system but I don’t know my PID/University choices yet

If this is the case, you can select 'No' to the question 'Do you know your course choices and (if applicable) your UCAS PID?'.  You will need to go back at a later date to fully complete your choices.


I have been given two different UCAS PID numbers, which one should I use?

Please use the Personal ID (PID) you use to log into Track.  If you have previously applied through UCAS it will be the same as the original PID you were given when you made your first application.  You need to ensure you enter the PID included in your welcome email from Track. 


I don't have a UCAS PID because I am a direct applicant, what should I do?

Candidates not applying through UCAS should enter 0000000000 (ten zeros).     


I have decided not to apply to medicine / dentistry this year

Even if you have decided not to apply to medicine or dentistry this year, please log in and tell us this so that we know we do not need to communicate your result to Universities.


What if I’ve chosen to apply to non-UKCAT universities instead?

Even if you have decided to apply to non-UKCAT universities, please log in and tell us this so that we know we do not need to communicate your result to UKCAT Universities.


I have told you my UCAS choices and PID but these have now changed

At any point, up until the deadline of  21 October, you can log back into your account and amend your UCAS PID or university choices.  On logging back into your account, select the 'Additional Information' tab on the right hand side to access your UCAS choice data and make any necessary amendments.  We will not use this data until after the deadline has closed.


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