Registration and Booking

Registration opens on 1 May 2015.

There is no single date for sitting the exam; the UKCAT can be taken between 1 July 2015 and 6 October 2015. 

Prior to sitting the UKCAT all candidates must complete the registration process using the Pearson VUE online registration system.  You need to register for the test personally – this cannot be done by your school/college.

You can register for the 2015 test between 1 May 2015 and 22 September 2015.  Please note that booking will close at midday on 5 October 2015.  

If there is no test centre in your country or you believe you might be exempt from the test on any other grounds (e.g. medical) please see the rules for exempt candidates.

You are strongly recommended to register and sit the UKCAT at your earliest convenience to ensure places are available at a local centre.  Each year there are candidates who book a late test and encounter real problems when they fall ill or experience other problems preventing them from taking that testing slot. This can be avoided by booking to take your test early.  We advise that you read the section on extenuating circumstances carefully.


The following test fees apply in 2015:

Tests taken in the EU between 1 July and 31 August 2015


Tests taken in the EU between 1 September and 6 October 2015


Tests taken outside the EU



There is no difference in content between the UKCAT sat during the summer or autumn period. The increased price reflects demand on resources at particular times of the year. We recommend candidates sit the test during the summer period and pay the lower test fee.  Registration and test fees depend on the test centre location, not on your place of residence or nationality.

Candidates are advised to refer to our pages regarding Bursaries to see whether they are eligible to have the full costs of the test covered.

You register for the test by following the 'sign in' link at the top of this page and following the instructions to create an online account.  You will need to provide the information requested in this questionnaire which also explains why we ask for it and what the data is used for.  You may need to ask your parent(s)/carer(s) for assistance in answering the questions. 

When you have completed the registration process you will be sent an email containing your password which will allow you to book your test.

All candidates should book the standard UKCAT test unless they meet the criteria to sit the UKCATSEN, our extended test which includes additional time for candidates with special educational needs.  Please see the section on Candidates with Disabilities for more information.  It is the candidate's responsibility to book the correct test.

If you cannot find a convenient test location and date please contact Customer Services who may be able to assist. Please note that availability of convenient dates and times may be limited in the last weeks of testing.  For some of our testing centres, the UKCAT booking system only allows test slots to be allocated 90 days in advance. 


Rescheduling and cancelling

Candidates may reschedule or cancel their test by managing their booking through the Pearson Vue site.  Booking and rescheduling closes at midday on 5 October 2015.

If you are not feeling well, you are advised to reschedule your test to a later date – even if this means losing the test fee. In presenting yourself for testing, you are declaring yourself fit to take the test. We will not consider health issues as extenuating circumstances.

Please note that if you wish to reschedule a test such that the price changes (from July/August to September/October) you will need to cancel your booking and then book a new test.  Your original test fee will be refunded and you will need to pay for your new test at the higher rate.  Candidates with a bursary voucher also need to cancel such bookings but they can re-use the same voucher code.


Refund policy

Candidates may cancel or reschedule their test, without charge, up to one clear day before their scheduled test date. A clear day does not include the day of the reschedule or the day of the test; for example for a test on a Friday, the last chance to make any changes would be midnight on the preceding Wednesday. Where a candidate cancels their test within these deadlines they will receive a credit/debit card refund.

If the candidate cancels or reschedules later than this, the appointment will count as a 'no-show'. In this case a candidate wishing to reschedule their test would be required to pay a further fee for the rescheduled test.

If you miss your test for any reason and have not rescheduled in time, you will have to book another test at your own expense. This applies in cases of illness, family emergency, accident, arrest, transport problems and security alert as well as forgetfulness and lateness. It also applies to those who arrive at the test centre with inadequate or invalid identification.