Rescheduling and Cancelling

Candidates may reschedule or cancel their test by managing their booking through their Pearson VUE account.  Booking and rescheduling closes at midday on 2 October 2017.

Candidates who present themselves for the UKCAT are declaring themselves fit to take the test.  Candidates not fit to take the test due to illness or other personal circumstances must reschedule their test to a later date, even if this means losing the test fee.  Please see the Test Day Problems page for more details.

Candidates wishing to reschedule their test such that the price changes (from July or August to September or October) will need to cancel their booking and then book a new test.  Their original test fee will be refunded and they will need to pay for a new test at the higher rate.  Candidates with a bursary voucher also need to cancel such bookings but they can re-use the same voucher code.

Refund Policy

Candidates may cancel or reschedule their test, without charge, up to one clear day before their scheduled test date. A clear day does not include the day of the reschedule or the day of the test; for example for a test on a Friday, the last chance to make any changes would be midnight on the preceding Wednesday. Where a candidate cancels their test within these deadlines they will receive a credit/debit card refund.

If the candidate cancels or reschedules later than this, the appointment will count as a 'no-show'. In this case a candidate wishing to reschedule their test would be required to pay a further fee for the rescheduled test.

If a candidate misses their test for any reason and has not rescheduled in time, they will have to book another test at their own expense. This applies in cases of illness, family emergency, accident, arrest, transport problems and security alert as well as forgetfulness and lateness. It also applies to those who arrive at the test centre with inadequate or invalid identification.