The UK Clinical Aptitude Test is used in the selection process by the majority of UK University Medical and Dental Schools.

UKCAT Preparation

You should prepare for the UKCAT using the free official practice materials available on this website. These resources have been developed by the UKCAT Consortium to support test preparation.  We also provide a Preparation Plan to organise a sensible schedule for preparing for the test.




A large bank of official questions for each subtest, plus timed practice tests which mimic closely the testing experience.
Please note that when you take the live test your correct and incorrect answers will not be reported.


An interactive tutorial which includes general advice on how to approach the test as well as strategies on how to approach and answer questions in the Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning and Situational Judgement subtests.


A tutorial which illustrates all the functions used in a computer-based test including how to answer and review questions.


Our official mobile app for Apple and Android users. Further updates and additional questions launch in May 2017.


The official UKCAT YouTube channel has a number of videos to support preparation. High-scoring, former UKCAT candidates share advice on their preparations for the test and overall test experience, plus a selection of Admissions Tutors from UKCAT Consortium Universities share their thoughts on the use of the test and what they look for in an applicant. There are also videos showing what to expect in a Pearson VUE test centre and a playlist of videos from our consortium member universities.


An interactive version online or download a PDF.

Commercial Preparation Materials

Candidates should be aware that whilst there are many commercial companies publishing books and offering coaching for our tests, the UKCAT Consortium does not work with any of these companies or endorse the use of their materials. Taking advantage of these opportunities can cost candidates a great deal of money and we would advise you to be sceptical about claims they can help you do well in the test by coaching.

Commercial organisations will be using items that are not necessarily of the standard you will encounter in the UKCAT and this may distort your performance whilst practising. Screen views may be different and commercial organisations are unlikely to include the new item types which you may encounter in your test. They may not have updated their materials to reflect the introduction of the new Decision Making subtest.

The UKCAT survey suggested that use of books relevant to the UKCAT was associated with higher overall test performance. These books may contain helpful strategies for candidates taking the test and include additional practice questions. However there is lots of advice available for free on the web regarding approaches to the test and many sources of free practice questions. Unless the book has been published very recently it is unlikely to include the correct test content, timings and new test items.